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Hello, I am Sissy Wiesner

Sissner Design Pattern
Ever since I was a child, I have had the ability to see the world in a different light. This ability is what I have brought to life with my label SISSNER. With my designs, I direct people’s attention to the intricate details of our world. Details that are worth discovering.
As a wandering soul, I have never felt at home anywhere. This changed in 2017 when I travelled to Sri Lanka for the first time. I worked for six months in 2018 on this wonderful island looking after guests at an Ayurveda hotel. Not only did I fall in love with this country during this very special time, but above all with the person I met there…myself.

How it all started: my Story

Sri Lanka, 2018. The warm air wafted through the streets, accompanying me as I take time out for myself. After two massive burn-outs, serious cases of (self-)doubt, and long periods of loneliness, I found myself on the island, where so much was to change for me…

Hosting guests, I went on many trips to textile weaving plants and discovered my love of this wonderful material and the patterns and colours of Sri Lanka. Yet I could not shake the feeling that many patterns were or looked the same, which meant that the materials often lacked a unique quality. Something new was needed, something special.

An idea formulated in my mind at that time that I continue to put in practice and evolve today with commitment and passion. In different ways, time and again.

I rediscover Sri Lanka anew every time I travel there, with my camera and my eyes wide open. I want to capture everything, eternalise every moment, and soak up the unadulterated atmosphere of this place. This is where art lives and breathes. What drives and inspires me is appreciating what appears to be the little things in our world. A symbiosis of my passion for photography and design, which I use to create patterns that are wholly unique, both in how they are created and the effect they have.

My photos should not just languish on a hard drive and never be used.
I capture details that represent the world for me with a click of the camera and turn these into so much more. My photos turn into designs.

Patterns based on real images. Each and every client can be sure of one thing: this plant, this cloth, this pattern can be found somewhere in the real world.

My many years of experience in the field of photography enable me to now, when taking these photos, to focus on what is important.
How does the motif need to be photographed for the design to work later on? Which angle, which perspective do I need to consider, and which effect should the finished pattern have?

I feel, for the first time, a deep affiliation with my work – with what I do. My designs tell true stories of our world, focus a person’s attention on valuable details that want to be noticed.
My business allows me to be myself.
With all my creativity and all my feelings that come to the fore in my patterns.



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