It is a well-known fact that certain colours improve our mood. And so the most important message is already conveyed. But is it really as simple as that?

Damen Kleisd mit SISSNER Motiv
SISSNER Muster Design Blumen
Polster  mit SISSNER Druck

„Life keeps on rolling out the red carpet for us
But some days we seem to be colour-blind“

KarlHeinz Karius

It’s a Lifestyle

Damen Kleid mit SISSNER Muster Design
SISSNER Muster Design  Kleid


I got to know SPA CEYLON when I was in Sri Lanka (the source of most the photos for my designs). The pioneer for Ayurverda health and beauty care, made in Asia.

No matter what mood I am in when entering these shops, it noticeably improves when I take in the magnificent array of colours used for the interior and the products in a wonderfully harmonious way.

My thoughts immediately turn to elegance, freshness, sensuality, harmony, aesthetic, temptation, calm. All of my senses are activated at once.

My SISSNER designs are also characterised by striking colours.
I use them lavishly to highlight the details in my unique creations. The colours used in my designs are clear statements for confidence, joie de vivre and extravagance.

Polster mit SISSNER Design Motiv

„In the colours there are hidden harmonies or contrasts which contribute of their own accord“

Vincent van Gogh

Tapete für Kinderzimmer mit SISSNER Motiv
Getränkedose mit SISSNER Design

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